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Allows PC users to manage their Apple devices

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If you’re having a hard time managing your iPhone or iPad through iTunes, then iTools for Windows might be able to help. This program is able to communicate with your Apple device like iTunes, but the interface is much easier for users to grasp. This is especially true with recent versions of iTunes. While iTools isn’t grand, it provides a service that’s perfect for those who prefer simplicity.

Simple Interface

One of the major problems with iTunes is that the program is always changing. Upgrades are necessary, but Apple seems to completely change the interface with each new edition. This can make it difficult for users to manage their devices. The iTools interface is incredibly simply. All of the major buttons are found on the left. This allows you to select what type of file you want to work with.

The main menu will then change to reflect those files. For example, you can easily select movies, songs or apps. The menu will then show all of the applicable files and the available options.

Transforms Files

Apple devices are designed to accept specific file types. For example, if you want to add a movie file to your device, then it has to be an MP4. The iTunes program offers very little assistance if your file isn’t the right format. This means that you’ll have to look for another application to change the format, which can be tedious.

This application is made to change files into the appropriate format for Apple devices. If you drop a MOV or AVI file into iTools, then it will instantly be changed into an MP4. The same is true of music and ebook files. This process can be a little slow with larger files, but it’s better than downloading and installing a separate file converter.

Restore and Backup

You have a lot of important information on your Apple device that you don’t want to lose. While the device has some limited backup capabilities, it’s best to create an external backup file so that you can easily restore the data if the device is damaged. This application allows you to instantly create a backup file whenever you want. You can also restore the data if anything is erased.

Supported Devices

The iTools application currently supports all of the Apple devices. You can use this program to work with your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s also been upgraded to work with the newest versions of these devices.


  • Simplifies the process of modifying, adding and extracting files from your Apple device.
  • Instantly transforms any imported files into the right format.
  • Works with all of the Apple devices and iOS versions.
  • This program is truly free. There are no ads, plugins or hidden costs.


  • Upgrades are somewhat slow. The program may not instantly support new iOS versions.
  • Importing can be slow at times. This is usually because the program is trying to maximize data storage, which can take a few minutes for larger files.
  • You need iTunes installed on the computer. This application cannot function without iTunes.

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